Studio Policies

Please also see my RATES page, and ask for a current copy of my full studio policies.

I teach in my home, in Inchelium WA, and I also teach via Skype to anywhere in the world! It’s truly amazing what can be accomplished via Skype. It’s almost as good as face to face. I prefer students 10 and older for Skype.

LESSON TIME: Once your time slot has been determined please stick with it. My studio is growing considerably and this means less flexibility with moving and switching lessons. Choose your lesson time when you know you can attend. Schedule the dentist, haircuts etc. on other days. 

LISTENING:  Hours of listening are required each day.  Aim for three!  CD’s/Tapes should be played softly as background  music during such times as meals, car rides, play, homework, and bedtimes.  Most of you own CD players and have ‘repeat’ available to you.  Be sure to use this feature faithfully on the NEW piece being learned. Use good quality equipment.  Ideally listening should be 60% to the current pieces (50 x’s a day) and 40% to the whole book, both review and preview pieces.  Of course, you should include in your listening, enjoyment of ALL kinds of GOOD music in addition to the Suzuki repertoire.  LISTENING IS FOUNDATIONAL TO THE METHOD, NOT AN ADJUNCT TO IT... AND FOREVER  THE  PARENTS'  RESPONSIBILITY.    KEEP YOUR FLUTE IN GOOD REPAIR.

PRACTICING:  Requirements depend on the child's level and ability to concentrate.  In order to get results from the lessons, adequate preparation is necessary at home on a daily basisRoutine should be established and maintained.  Two or more short sessions will always achieve greater results than one long session.  Obviously, the more time spent following the assignment, the faster the progress.  Use time effectively, and be supportive and kind.  Practicing is a highly refined skill that takes time, encouragement, and many repetitions to develop.  30 minutes recommended for students in Book 1; 45 min, for Book 2, and 1 or more hours for Book 3 and beyond – at least as long as your lesson time.

MOST IMPORTANT, A POSITIVE ATTITUDE!  We are doing this to enrich the children's lives by bringing the joy of music and learning to them.  Children have marvelous potential, remarkable ability, and can achieve extremely high goals...especially when they are not forced, hassled, or criticized for their actions.  Be gentle, supportive, appreciative, enthusiastic, and encouraging, creating in your child the confidence to play well.  I am looking forward to a most rewarding & enriching year for all!

Students need:

  • A flute in good working order. One with a curved head joint for most students 9 and under. (Nuvo is great for 4 to 7 year olds) Please talk with me before purchasing an instrument. Flute Center of New York usually has the best deal on a student Yamaha flute. If you purchase from them, please tell them you are my student. (I'm part of their teacher program)
  • Beginners will need Suzuki Flute book 1, and the CD. The latest edition played by Lorna McGhee -- a stunning updated edition.
  • A music stand.
  • A metronome and tuner.
  • Other material as directed.