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Affordable Flute Lessons

Registered Suzuki Flute teacher and educator, in Inchelium, WA. Teaching in her home, and via Skype.

*Focused high quality flute instruction
*Experienced with 6 to 60 year olds
*Improve your sound, technique, and musicality
*Build skills using ear training
*Skype lessons- never leave home
*Personalized practice guides provided weekly
*Suzuki trained

Give your child an outlet for emotional expression!

Music teachers are highly influential people in our children's lives.


Flutist and teacher Sylvia Evert, has been joyfully making music since the age of 12. While she went to College for Elementary Education, she has united her passion for teaching with her love of all things flute. Combining her education background with her knowledge of flute, she is continually searching for, and inventing new exercises to help her students be the best that they can be.

Sylvia is Suzuki registered, and is an active member of the Suzuki Association of the Americas. She continues to take Master Classes and Pedagogy training, to ensure a continuous stream of fresh ideas and strategies. She is committed to learning. 

Most recent influential teachers:

Barbara Hopkins, Assistant Principal Flutist, Hartford Symphony Faculty, The Hartt School at Univ. of Hartford and Sacred Heart Univ. Historical Flutes, Rosewood Chamber Ensemble 
Roderick Seed, Author, “Mastering the Flute with William Bennett” (Indiana University Press)
Ory Schneor, Principle flutist Munchener Kammerorchester, Chongyeong Festival Orchestra, Member of Geneva Camerata
Emma ShubinM.M. flute, Dalcroze License & Certificate, Co-Executive Director, Integral Steps
Dana Morgan 

Suzuki training with: 
Book 1: Laurel Anne Maurer
Book 2 & 3: Kelly Williamson
Book 4: Laurel Anne Maurer
Teacher training class: Teri Sanchez
ECC: Carolyn Brett

"Flute is my passion. I have been playing for over 20 years, taking it very seriously in the last 10. I have enjoyed giving lessons to friends and family and taught a flute workshop at Young Disciple Camp, in Eastern Washington. I loved watching the kids excel and grow in their playing, and as a result I have pursued Suzuki training and further classes.

I am committed to helping my students build their skills on the correct foundation. Having gone back myself, to fix bad habits, my goal is to start students off with the very best framework. I want to help establish proper breathing, great intonation, and fabulous tone, as well as great technical skills-- in a way that the students can understand and apply to their playing in a successful and confident way-- from the very beginning!

I love seeing my students faces light up when they have that "ah ha" moment. I love when a student comes to lessons thoroughly prepared and it shows in their playing. I also embrace the more challenging situations, when a student struggles, and the regular toolbox of situations is not working. It gives me an opportunity to dig deeper and find the best solution. And last of all I love to learn and will always be stretching myself and finding new things to share."